President Obama’s Farewell Speech – My Thoughts


Did you watch President Obama’s farewell speech? I don’t know about you but I recorded and watched President Obama’s farewell speech on Tuesday night. I feel so proud and blessed to have bared witness to his presidency for these last eight years.  For both of my boys, he is the only president that they have ever known. That’s an experience that I as an African-American living in the United States have never experienced until his election. It’s something I never thought I would experience. But for my children, it has been so wonderful for them to see a president who looks likes them. They don’t have to fantasize in their minds like my generation has done, it was a reality for not just one but two terms.

In some ways, what my boys have experienced is what every white American has experienced since the beginning in this country. To some that may not be a big deal but to me it’s profound. I admit cynicism seeped into my thoughts prior to these eight years and allowed me to believe it would never happen in my lifetime. Then once he was elected I began to fear for his life. Some of my friends dismissed that saying oh no it wouldn’t happen here not now. But I knew it was a very big risk for him and now everybody knows because in recent years we’ve all had to bear witness to the news coverage of blacks getting killed on a daily basis by police officers and fanatics So it no longer can be brushed under the rug the on-going plight black Americans face on a daily basis particular black males.

I am so proud to have Barack Obama as the man that became our 44th President and to have my two black boys witness that this possibility exists and can happen. He served our country with grace under the on-going scrutiny and reached for the many of the aspirations he had since campaign days.

I watched him and listen to everything he said on Tuesday night and let his words soaked in for a little bit. His reflection on his achievements over the past eight years are amazing and I wish that more people were aware and acknowledged them.

After the results of this last election, I knew that I had to change the way I was living. That I would have to do something as a citizen of this country to make sure that we continue to move forward not backward. President Obama’s call to action by every citizen has left a big impression on me.

Immediately after the election results, I started to think about ways that I could take steps and become an active citizen that participates in the advancement of this country. The holidays came and I lost sight of that aspiration. Then Tuesday, during President Obama’s speech, I was reminded of my quest. His speech meant something more to me than just a farewell it was a reminder that people (including my own Mother and Father) came before me and fought for so many of the liberties that I have today while that I can’t sit back and allow life to happen to me.  I have to become an active participant to continue to make a better world for us all and especially our children.

I will forever feel blessed to have had the opportunity to experience president Obama’s presidency in my lifetime and I will move forward with integrity and grace, inspired by his presidency and begin to educate myself on ways to honor his request.

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Watched it twice! He is such an inspirational leader. Love the Obamas!

  2. xxoo

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