Jackson 2014 Girlfriend Craft Getaway Recap Part 2


I love my room. I get the same room every year. It has a beautiful bed, sitting area, fireplace and lets not forget my pretty bathroom. Each night I read before going to sleep and this time I began reading Cinder by Marissa Meyer.

bedtimeI took a few selfies (yes..guilty as charged) before heading out of my room each day.

selfieinmyroomI also took them so that Leao could see me while I was away when he checked the photo stream. So see, I’m not that vane!

morningdesksThis is the look at one of the areas in the morning before everyone was up and about. I loved having all the windows wrap around us while we are working on our crafts. It’s truly a beautiful experience.

firstnightprojectI decided that I was going to move a little out of my comfort zone and try something new. I have had these mini canvases for way too long and I decided to give it a try. I prepped them with Gesso and let them sit over night. I then colored up some digis I print and cut on my Silhouette and then I used ink pads to color the canvases since I managed to forget my paint. I will share a post soon with the final result.

day2meOne thing I am proud of doing is preparing card kits to work on when I arrived. I selected the papers and cut up the files using my Silhouette then put them in ziplock bags. So when I got there, I could have fun assembling them. So I cranked out a bunch of cards (I will post them soon).  I truly felt productive.

sullyThis post would be missing something if I didn’t put Sully in it. My girlfriend, Joan brings him to our crops. He has become quite the item so he spent time with each of us while we crafted. I unfortunately caught him at his friskiest, he brought his bottle of wine to visit me.

foodThe last thing I wanted to share was a few pictures of the food. Oh the food…so amazing. The breakfast each morning made me do the happy dance. The lunch provided was a yummy veggie soup with sandwiches. And the cocktail hour snacks were perfect.

We all got time to connect, catch up and laugh. A few of us sat around one day with our e-readers and shared book recommendations. Which the bookworm in me was so happy to add to my growing list of books to read.

I didn’t include pictures of the ladies this time because I didn’t clear it with them but they were all there and I feel blessed to call them my friends and to spend this extended time with them each year. Kathryn once again rocks for coordinating it, Ashley is my girlfriend in crime and I am so thankful she continues to pick me up and we ride the 3-hour journey together always stopping at the outlets on our way home. And Joan, because she sits near my table, keeps me laughing and provides much needed support when I can’t decide what to do with instructions. There were many friends and the ones not mentioned by name are no less important to me.

I hope I captured a little of the essence of this very special time. I look forward to next year’s trip.  In the meantime, I better go do some crafting!!

Have a blessed day!





  1. Your room was beautiful. As was your view while crafting. I had a retreat the same weekend you did. However mine was not as beautiful as yours.

  2. What a wonderful post!!!

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