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A pleasant surprise despite such harsh weather.

A pleasant surprise despite such harsh weather.

This has been a strange gardening season. For weeks the weather has been oppressively hot and humid and I just haven’t been able to care for the plants the way I normally do. I have been trying to keep things watered but the weeds have had free reign.  So I am having to put my perfectionism aside and just be.

The rose bush photo makes me smile I planted it two years ago and it was not looking good last year and this year it has announced itself. I love how straight and upright it is. Some of my other roses are more lanky.

My Bee balm in my veggie garden

My Bee balm in my veggie garden

I love looking at my bee balm. It continues to grow and I don’t mind. I have two other veggie garden raised beds and I love catching hummingbirds and bees on them. They are so tall and vibrant. They just make me smile.  In the back is an old plant called false sunflower.  I also planted some sunflower seeds late so we will see if I can get them going.

My dahlias are just starting to update and I will photograph them soon.

Happy gardening!


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