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A BIG HELLO TO YOU!! Wow, it has been a long time since I have written a post. I miss our connection.  I am thrilled to have my first big custom project to work on. No complaints here. It’s just that I am having a hard time finding enough time to keep up with my blog and a few craft projects.  I am on a deadline so my priority has been working on the cards for my client.

One thing I still have managed to do is stop working once the boys come home from school. Which means no time for blogging.  So I apologize for the disconnect.

However, I have great news. Since June is my Birthday month…Oh you read it right… Birthday Month. Not just a day. Since it is my Birthday Month. I plan on having some giveaways on my blog. More details to come but I hope you will join me in the fun.

So the picture I shared today is my desk at it’s current state. I am working on the final cards for this project. All the color on the scratch paper is me testing out different Copic Color Combinations.  I have been listening to audio books on my Nook HD while working. This is my second book I am listening to since starting this project.  The voice talent is pretty good. There is also my mid morning snack -almonds on my desk and some Heidi Swapp stamps.

Well I just wanted to say hello and check in. How are you doing? Are you having balance issues too?

Have a blessed day!



  1. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done that I would like to get done. 🙂 I have balance issues, too. It seems if I focus on one thing – like cleaning out the basement, other things get pushed aside.

    Congrats on our card making job. I hope you are able to share when they’re done.


    • Hi April! Thanks for the visit. Yes, I always feel like something has to give when you focus on something. Speaking of cleaning, I have two closets that are screaming for me to clean them but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.(At least I am being realistic!)

      I will share some photos of the cards once I complete them and my client has seen them first. It has been a really great experience that has inspired me for future card products for my Etsy store.

      Have a blessed day my friend!

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