I’m Back!!!!

Hello friends! I hope you haven’t forgot me in my long absence. I apologize. I got caught up with the end of the school year and then bam, right into my family summer vacation. But now I am back and preparing to head out of town for the holiday weekend. I now know I prefer space between vacations and weekend escapes. I usually need a week to recover from vacations and a few days to recover from weekend escapes. My mind has a hard time turning back to routine. Oh and one last vent (that’s what I’m doing right?), we are having our home painted and repaired and the contractor arrived the day after we arrived back from our vacation. They arrive each day at 7:30am and leave around 4. AAAAAgggg!!!! That limbo state kinda stinks but I know it will be worth it in the end.

On the positive side, the rain took care of my lawn and garden while I was away so everything looks fantastic. I think I only lost one plant.  The photos above are from my garden yesterday. I will share some vacation photos in my next post. But I wanted to pop in and make sure you didn’t forget me. I hope you are having a lovely summer!



  1. Welcome back!

  2. Hi Belinda, you might not have posted this week but that wont stop me visiting you. Loving your garden pics. I’m with you re. the routine thing, holidays and school half terms used to really throw me and it would take me at least a week to get back to it all again and on top of that I used to find all that talking that you do as a teacher is something you don’t do during the holidays and I had to watch that I didn’t loose my voice in the first couple of days. You just take it easy Belinda. Have a happy week, Angela xXx

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