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Hello Everyone! Finding my blogging rhythm has been quite a challenge but here I am now.  So the last time I checked in, Leao was working on renovating the boy’s room. Well it came out great. The paint looks nice the floors are so pretty and we managed to separate the beds and give it a more mature look. I feel like the way the desks and beds are laid out, reminds me of a dorm room. So when I go into see them at night I ask how the “freshman” are doing in their new space.


I want to order them new sheets and comforters and for the moment, I have put a hold on putting anything on the walls. Because as many of you may know, kids’ like to stick everything up on the wall and I mean everything!  There is often no logical design just a place to stick up their “stuff”.


After seeing the time frame of this project, we have decided to hold off on the other rooms on the second floor and renovate them in the fall. That way our summer days won’t be locked into a project. So I must endure carpeting in my craftroom and bedroom a little longer.  But I know it’s so worth the wait.


I will share more photos once I buy their new bed linen.

Have a blessed day friends!


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