Hello and Happy Monday!

mylittlehelper1The photo above is my little helper, Apollo. I had some extra scraps and I gave them to him to punch out butterflies. He did a great job and I used up some of my scraps so I am thinking this was a win-win situation.

I want to apologize for having such an irregular posting schedule last week. I am in the process of preparing for a 4-day craft getaway with my girlfriends and all the prep work has commenced to ensure I bring all the stuff I want to work on, needless to say my craft room is one big giant mess right now. (I love my husband for understanding there IS a method to my madness and being so patient through this process.)


I am trying to make sure I find a balance of bringing enough but not too much as well as variety so if I get in a creative slump, I can jump into something else.

So having said this, I am leaving on Thursday and will be back on Sunday. Therefore, this week, I may be even more irregular in posts.  I will definitely be back next week and ready to share all the fun and all of the projects I manage to complete.

Have  a blessed day!


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