Happy World Elephant Day!!!


Today is World Elephant Day! I had meant to have this post up this morning but it looks like I will not have a “normal” schedule until school begins in September.  In honor of World Elephant day I thought I would share a picture of some elephant cards I made earlier this year.  I have had a thing for elephants since I was a child and it just stuck with me.

adoptelephant1This year for my birthday I adopted two elephants (Tarra and Flora from The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. I learned about them after reading, “Leaving Time” by Jodi Picoult. A great book which I will post a review for soon.

adoptelephant2I can go online and see how they are doing. It’s a great program and elephants need our help today more than ever.

elephant_decor1I also began to look around my craft room and noticed I have lots of elephants hanging out in my room. I received these and the next ones as gifts from India.

elephant_decor2If you have time check out these links:

The Atlantic’s post.

IBT’s post regarding poaching.

Have a blessed day my friends!



  1. I am listening to that book now! Almost done with it so I won’t read your review until I finish it! I will say it is very good so far!

  2. I just love your elephants!

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