Happy New Year…I’m Back!!!


Wow, it’s 2016!! What a great year 2015 was and how fast it went. I think that something we say when we are getting older. Because when I was younger, I don’t remember thinking that. One of my goals for this year is to make every day count. It’s a saying we hear and don’t heed. I am trying to convince the boys after a vacation filled with relaxation and play with family, that returning to school is a good thing, Mondays don’t stink and Fridays aren’t the best day of the week.  Although I have been known (ask my girlfriends they can verify) to do my ‘happy dance’ on Fridays, especially at pickup! I want them to start finding meaning in every day. So I shall lead by example.


So I am happy it’s Monday and a new year! I returned to the gym on Saturday after my longest break (nine days)! And let me tell you, I was so sore during this morning’s workout that regular groans could be heard from my exercise room!  But I like the soreness because it confirms I worked the areas I wanted and change is happening. I set my workout clothes and sneakers next to my nightstand each night to reinforce my commitment.


I ate my way through vacation and put on an additional 2 pounds – yikes! But that is the past and today, I put in the work and am moving forward because vacation was meant to be fun and I truly enjoyed myself. We spent 10 days at my MIL’s house and our family from Florida flew in and we all played games, shared stories ate amazing food and had fun. My sister Maggie surprised us on Christmas day and flew in from her MIL’s to spend the holidays with us. My niece and nephew hung out with the boys and great memories were created. It was a nice break to re-charge myself.


I couldn’t believe how warm it was on Christmas. The picture above is before Leao and I went for a long walk with no coats and only short-sleeved shirts. Yes, it was that warm. I am so happy to have another year with this amazing man at my side.

I am very excited for this year and love the opportunity to re-arrange my work and life to create major changes. In future posts I will share more of my thoughts and goals for this year but I just wanted to check in to say, “I’m back!!” and to send you my warm wishes for this new year.

Have a blessed Monday my friends!



  1. Welcome back! I look forward to hearing and seeing all you accomplish this year!

  2. Happy New Year! The weather was amazing. Cheers to 2016 and new goals!

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