Happy Monday!! Weekend happenings, great neighbors and varying work locations


Hello! Happy Monday!  One of the many things I enjoy about working on my business is that I can vary my work locations. I spend a majority of the time in my home office which is a bright and cheery craftroom.  During spring, summer and early fall, I will work at least a day or two on my deck so I can gather inspiration for my garden. So today, it is Nick’s first day of training at his new school so I decided to take Apollo with me to Panera and work outside my home office. I brought a workbook and he had to complete a section before he could work on his laptop. He is into coding and has learned a great deal over the summer. Leao worked from home today so he is joining us too. So we will stay here for a few hours and then grab lunch (Apollo’s favorite – chicken noodle soup!) and then head to pick up Nick from school.


I am also happy because I am coming off a great weekend, especially because I had the opportunity to spend time with my dearest friend, Natana. She just flew in from California. We went to lunch at one of my favorite Japanese restaurants and then headed out for a little retail therapy. When we were in college, we used to go shopping and always laugh how we would pick out the same top in a different color. Then we would somehow end up in one dressing room. This time was no exception. I’m sure we drove the sales associates crazy requesting different sizes and colors.  Since she moved to California, we typically hang out at my house or go to eat.  So doing our girly thang, was a lot of fun.

phlox1While walking in my flower garden this weekend, I had to stop and pause when I saw the varigated Phlox in bloom. My former neighbor, Inez gave it to me before she moved so when it bloom, I always think about her. This year, I have come to more deeply appreciate the relationship I had with her and how it was a true blessing to have a neighbor that brought joy into our lives.phlox2Well I hope Nick is having a great day. I am sending positive energy his way in hopes that he is having a good time and adjusting to the new environment.

Have a blessed day!



  1. Umm… I need the variegated phlox! Never seen that! Xo

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