Happy 7th Birthday Apollo!!


Happy birthday to my sweet boy Apollo! Today you begin a new adventure as a seven year old. I hope our day is filled with lots of smiles and laughter. I say our day because I remember the day.  I remember going to the hospital and all the kind and confident doctors that helped me bring you into this world.


You were so little and trying to look at everything. I wonder what was on your mind.


Nicholas came in to meet you and then took a nap with you in the bed. It was so cute to watch.


Your dad was still glowing on your first day at our home.


I couldn’t put you down. Despite being tired, I just wanted to snuggle.


After settling in a few days, I just felt blessed to now have two boys.


Every mom thinks their baby is cute and you were no exception. I loved and still love taking pictures of you.

Thank you for being my good little boy and I wish for you another year of growth, good health and lots of love. I am so very proud of you.





  1. Happy Birthday Apollo! Mom and Dad look so very proud! What a beautiful family inside and out!

    • Thank you Joan! I was a little reluctant to share me on delivery day but I found this one that was reasonable!!

  2. He does look cute! Happy birthday to you and your son! Sometimes we forget, but life is still a miracle. The moments/days after your child is born the miraculous feeling is biggest – a tiny little person, grown in your belly, laying there, innocent and depending on you for growth, that little person, who has it’s own personality, character, preferences.. how will he/she be? What choices will they make? Recent events made me value my children much much more, and each night I am thankful that they are home safely with me, that I live in a safe country, and my children are healthy and unhurt. Ah getting a bit too sentimental here!
    Hope you had a wonderful day, and that all other days are just as wonderful!

    • Debbie I totally agree. I think about this stuff quite often. I think it’s because I am still in awe of my boys. At night after my boys are in bed, I will say to my husband, “Can you we made those boys?” Everyday (good and bad) with them is a blessing and I am trying to cherish them before they are off and married and call me on occasion. Thanks for visiting.

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