Fun Photos Friday #22: Meet Wand!

funphotofriday24Meet ‘Wand’, yes his name is Wand.  Apollo created him in school this week with the room mothers.  I tried to get more explanation out of Apollo why the name but it was vague and has slipped my mind.  What a cute little craft that doesn’t require that much supplies. He must of had fun sticking all those Qtips into the foam ball.  When he came out of school the nose had fallen off but once we got home I used my glue to re-attach it and all was well again.

Some of the crafts the boys bring home are so cute. I asked if Wand could stay on my desk but right after I took this photo, Apollo took him and put him on his desk.  Oh well, at least I have the picture.

Have a wonderful weekend friends.



  1. Too cute!

  2. Another smile winner!!!

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