Fun Photos Friday – #12

Happy Friday!  Wow did this week fly by. I have been running around having fun with my girlfriend who is visiting from California this week and trying to keep up with my posts at the same time.  Even squeezing in a tiny bit of crafting and I mean tiny!

Well on with this week’s photo…

Young Avatars practicing some moves at the beach.

Young “Avatars” practicing some moves at the beach.

Well I could possibly be the last person to get hooked on the Avatar The Last Airbender Cartoon series. When it was first airing on the television a few years ago, I missed the beginning and realized that it is important to start from the beginning to appreciate the cartoon. My sister-in-law and two of my brother-in-laws kept telling me how it is really great.

When the series ended my husband bought the DVDs.  So this summer, almost nightly we all sit around the TV and watch 2 sometimes 3 episodes back to back.  The boys love it and can I tell you I am really enjoying it. It  is great for kids and adults and has some really great messages underlying the story lines.

This week’s picture is of the boys taking some warrior stances from Avatar while we were hanging out at Crane Beach.

Have a great weekend!


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