From the Cafe…A storm is brewing

The calm before the storm or should I say the chaos before the storm? Well it is a bit chaotic here. We have a big snow storm coming and everyone is preparing for the worst. The meteorologists are like kids in a candy store. All smiles while they say this will be a historic storm with 24 – 36 inches and winds as high as 60mph and power outages.  Historic? Did they really say that? I do believe it is good to prepare people but the choice of words can make or break a mob.

I opted out of grocery shopping yesterday because I figured the stores would be mobbed. I went this morning and let’s just say, I wasn’t in there with a few stay-at-home moms and retired seniors, I was in there with a big old line of people. So I’m leaning a little toward the Chaos in answer to my initial question.

For me, I have mixed feelings. We have had a rather easy winter to this point, no real snow just really cold air. So a part of me is so thrilled that I can watch the storm from the comfort of my home. It’s beautiful watching snow fall. I especially like the big chunkie flakes.  I like being cozy under a blanket with the boys and Leao close and of course a good book to dive into.

There’s also a bit of a thrill of the possibility of a snow day for the boys.  Last night, I told them to charge all of there devices and find their book lights so that if we lose power they have more options. I feel there is a beauty in the absolute silence that power outages bring. I’m not saying for long periods of time but for just one moment I like to hear what total silence is like, no humming sound from all the appliances, nothing. It’s beautiful to have total silence. We rarely experience it. What we typically call silence, is not.

I am at the Barnes and Noble cafe typing this and looking out the big window at the tiny flakes falling and the ease at which the traffic flows now.  When in 24 hours, this ease will vanish but only for a little while so I prepare to enjoy it before the feeling of dread sets in and the shovels come out.

If you live in the path of this storm, be safe and have a blessed day my friends.


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