Flowers From My Garden


flowersHello! How are you today? I am feeling sore. I started a new workout routine on Monday and I am embarrassed to say, I am still sore. Taking the stairs are brutal. I was suppose to repeat it on Wednesday but I opted for stretches yesterday and relaxing Yoga this morning. But nothing seems to make a difference except good old fashion time.

Oh and one vent for the morning…it is about the tissue in the pocket  You know, ladies, that one day you don’t check all of the pockets before placing the laundry into the wash. Yes, you know what I’m talking about. In my haste this morning to pop a load of laundry in the wash, I skipped the pockets check. Of course it’s the day, I am washing my new black pants. Let us pause for a minute and have a collective sigh…….. So when I went to remove the items to place them in the dryer, I was greeted with my new black pants with little specks of white all over it. I said a few words (keeping it G-rated here) and then I located the source. I may not reveal the culprit, to spare feelings but I will not skip that process again.

Other than that, I am feeling very happy. I just completed reading another book so stay tuned for another book review in my Nook.

The wind we had a few days ago, did not leave my garden untouched. My beautiful Dahlias had a few casualties. As much as I like cut flowers particularly in the winter months, I tend to leave mine in the garden. I don’t know, I have every intention of cutting them and placing them in a vase and rushing them up to my craft room but I just can’t bring myself to violate them in nature. So as a result of the winds, one of my giant Dahlias took a beating and one of them bent the stem. So I felt ok clipping them to bring them into my home. Isn’t she beautiful? They are so huge and there are two buds that haven’t even opened yet.

Well back to work I go. Hope you are having a blessed day and don’t forget to check those pockets!!



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