Finding my Word – One Little Word 2016


For the past few years, I have been participating in the One Little Word class/movement with Ali Edwards. Each year, the experience of finding a word is different. Some years, the word repeatedly knocks me in the head and I know just what to choose. Other years, I have to really look for it. This year, was more of the latter. I had to really reflect on my life and choose a word that aligns with my hopes. I usually panic as I approach late December, because I begin to doubt the word is mine a few days into my decision. This time, I began to feel doubt knocking on my door and I decided to use Leao as a sounding board. I expressed to him what some of my hopes are for this year and the word I wanted to choose. He helped me realize that the word I chose is, in fact, a good fit for me.

I recently was listening to a podcast and one of the participants talked a bit about their experience with their word and I realized that although we select one word, we don’t have to say goodbye to last year’s word or the year prior etc. That they all are still with us and still relevant. So this takes away that feeling that sometimes settles over me when I am selecting a new word. It reminds me that the old words still have a place in my life and that only my shift of focus will illuminate my new word for the new year.

What? Did you say, Belinda, just tell us the word? Oh, I thought so. One of my hopes this year is to journal more and that includes more words in my posts (Did I hear a collective sigh?).  It will allow me to go deeper rather than skim the surface as I have done often in the past. But I digress, my word I chose for this year is:


I chose this word because I feel like it will help me with areas that are lacking in my life. I feel like inviting this word will help me to continue to make my life more whole and satisfying. I feel it will help to guide my shift of perceptions towards true hope. I felt like this word easily translates over the many aspects of my life to help me a better being and 2016 more wonderful.

I hope you will join me on this journey. I will be posting my new album for the project next week so come on back!!



  1. I meant to discuss over the weekend. I have a word – I’ll share soon!

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