Congratulations to the New England Patriots


Last night I was so stressed watching the Super Bowl that I stood for most of the first half of the game. The second half I sat and ate all the yummies I made for the occasion. It was a great game with two amazing teams. They both wanted it and played hard the entire game. I did a victory dance and then proceeded to take selfies with Nicholas and Leao to send to friends and family.

The best gift from nature was a snow day today for the boys. I woke up to this.

3rdsnowday1It is like a repeat of last week except we aren’t experiencing blizzard winds. So we got the call last night that the schools would be closed today. Nice gift after Superbowl celebrations but I still need to go out and clear my car.

Oh well, I’m off to squeeze in some work in my craft room and give the boys some worksheets to keep their brains active.

Have a blessed day!


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