Cleanse Program: Part Deux!!

cleanchallengeRound2Well last May, I did my first cleanse and really felt great after completing the 21-day Clean Gut Challenge.  I really enjoyed the new recipes I learned along the way and I liked how I felt.  So about a month ago, I decided I wanted to repeat a cleanse every 6 months to make sure I regularly detox my body. So since the last one was in May, November became the next time for me to do it again. I decided I would start November 1st so that I would not have to cry my way through Thanksgiving. So I will complete this cleanse on November 21.

I thought I would buy a few new things to get me ready. I love this multicolor pen by Yoobi from Target. It reminds me of a similar type of pens from my childhood. I loved the ability to write with one pen so many colors and this one has even more colors. The page flags are for my reading. I like to use them to mark great quotes or things I want to remember in my books. I found this great ‘Fit Happens’ book at TJ Maxx and it is so perfect for me to journal my experience each day as well as track my food and exercise.cleanchallengeRound2aThis cleanse really tries to take a more wholistic approach by not only food but overall wellness. So I like how this book has a place for me to write three things I am grateful for each day.  And one of my favorite aspects of the book is the quotes. Each they have the most amazing quotes to help motivate.cleanchallengeRound2bSo today is day one and I had my breakfast smoothie and really enjoyed it. It had two dates in it to add sweetness (something I have never done before) but it tasted really nice and kept me full for quite a long time.day1aI woke up early and after I made my smoothie I started preparing the ingredients for my soup for dinner tonight. I soaked the beans overnight and cut up the vegetables this morning.day1bI tasted it before packing up a serving to go with me to our weekly visit with my in-laws and it tasted really good. Then I started work on my lunch which was an Asian Turkey wrap.day1cThen once this cooked up I could eat them for lunch wrapped in Boston lettuce.day1cdI very much enjoyed lunch and look forward to dinner which all I will need to do now is heat it up.

One thing I learned from the from the first cleanse is the importance of planning. So yesterday I took the time to pick my recipes and smoothies for week one. Then I used an application called Evernote to put in my week’s menu. I also created a master grocery list so I could buy all of this week’s foods. I used the Clean cookbook for my dinner recipe for today. I have enough for several leftovers so now I don’t need to cook every night. I also have enough of my lunch meal to last a few days so the only thing I have to make daily is my smoothies. That way I can focus on my family’s meals with ease. planningI use a notepad to write out the ingredients needed for each meal I plan to eat and where I can find the directions to make them. Then I go through and check off what I already have before making my master grocery list on my phone. I am ready Week One!planning2I will post from time to time my struggles and progress throughout the three weeks.

Happy Clean eating my friends!


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