Belinda’s Book Nook: Top Ten Favorite Places to Read

This week the Broke and the Bookish left this a free week to pick your own topic for Top Ten Tuesday so I chose to share my top ten places I like to read.

1. My Deck – I love our fully screened deck on our home. I use it for three seasons. The winter is too cold so we just use it to cover and store our deck furniture. But the spring and summer you will find me there morning and most afternoons in my chair with a book. I love being surrounded by my plants and all the birds that visit my feeders.  It’s my piece of paradise.

2. My Reading Nook – I put this huge red cushy chair in my craftroom nestled right inside three windows so when it is sunny, the sun warms my shoulders. Just love it especially during the winter. I also love being surrounded by beautiful white snow in the windows while I read during the winter.

3. My Couch – We have an L-shape couch and I like sitting closest to the window in early afternoon when the sun comes through the window (do you see a pattern here?). I grab a blanket and prop a bunch of pillows and of course a cup of tea is close at hand.

4. Barnes & Noble Cafe – I like being surrounded by books and let’s face it, Chai tea and fresh scones, this is a no-brainer location to read. I always do a walk through the shelves after I finish reading to go hold some books and peek at what’s new and on sale.

5. My Bed – Most nights I read before I go to sleep. I love being under all my blankies and falling into a good story. I used to read in bed on the weekend mornings but now I meditate and exercise in the morning so I only read at night in bed.

6. The Beach – I love the water but let’s face it I can only stay in there so long and then I’m heading for my beach chair and umbrella so I can read.  Love digging my toes in the sand while I dive into my book. And listening to the water rolling in seals the deal.

7. In My Car (at pick up) – I intentionally go early to pick up for two reasons: One I like to get a good spot. I do not like to arrive later and have to drive around and find a spot. Second because it is guaranteed time for me to squeeze in reading. So I go 40 minutes early and have some me time to read.

8. Our Guest Room – On some weekend mornings, I will sneak into our guest room and lay on the bed and read my book. It receives amazing sunlight and it gets really warm and toasty.

9. In Airplanes – This is the way I pass time on a flight and sometimes even get a little nap out of it. I also like to peek and see what other’s are reading.  I can’t imagine a flight without a book.

10. The Inn at Jackson (annual girls weekend getaway) – Each year, I go away for 4 days with my girlfriends’ to a lovely inn in Jackson, New Hampshire. I have reserved the same room for a few years now and I just love it. It’s got a great fireplace near the foot of the bed. So I jump out of the bed quickly turn on the timer and sink back in bed for an amazing read.

Well that’s my Top Ten for today. Hope you all find time to snuggle up with a good book!



  1. #10 🙂

  2. I love reading in bed too… I also like reading on Amtrak and at the beach too. Nice topic!! Here’s my TTT post for the week:

  3. I love reading outside too but I’m limited from about May to September. Your covered deck sounds fab. Apart from that I love reading in bed, on my couch and I have been known to read in my car too. And the beach of course but I usually end up falling asleep!

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