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Hello Everyone! I have been in a major bookworm phase where I can’t get enough of books. I keep adding more books to my TBR (To Be Read) list and don’t know how I will read them all but I don’t let that stop me.

I recently came across a great online book outlet and placed an order before I shared my thoughts with you all. I ordered 6 books and several were hardcover and the shipping was only something like $5 dollars.

The box arrived last week and the picture above is what I saw once I removed the packing material. Aren’t the covers just gorgeous?

unboxed1aAll book addicts will understand why  I chose 3 photos for this post – the book covers and spines are so gorgeous.

unboxed1bThese are the six books and as soon as I read them I will post reviews up here for you to read.

My first experience with this online book outlet (Book Outlet) was great. The books took about a week to arrive (no big deal because I am always reading something) and the shipping was very low.  The books were in great condition. They are discounted so that means they have a marker mark on the edge of the pages (no problem for me).

You can check them out here. Again, I do still encourage that if you do know an independent book seller, do take time to purchase from them as well because they are such a lovely source for books and we don’t want them all to go out of business.

Happy reading!





  1. I see several that I may need to borrow once you are done. I enjoy my Nook but I haven’t read a “real” book in a long time.

    Love the photos too!

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