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I am having so much fun using Overdrive to check out ebook out of public libraries to read on my Nook HD.  You don’t always find the latest books but the process always puts me on the doorstep of a new author or story that I have not been blessed to have read.

Marianna by Susanna Kearsley

Marianna by Susanna Kearsley

I stumbled across this book, Marianna in one of my searches and boy am I happy I did.

The new owner of a 16th-century Wiltshire farmhouse, Julia finds herself transported back and forth in time to the life of a woman named Mariana. Enthralled with the long-ago world, in love with a man who lived centuries before, Julia must lay the past to rest if she is to find love in the present.”  –

I enjoy when a book can take me somewhere else. I like when I feel attachment to the characters. Well I felt this way with this book.  I would read it during pick-up for the boys and  at night before I go to sleep.  Each time, I felt drawn in and wanting to find out more when I had to put the book down. (It wouldn’t go over well if I were late for school pick up!)

Again one of my favorite things about historical fictions is that it allows you to learn more about history without the stuffiness of a history text book.  I don’t know much English history so this was a little peek into some history.  The characters were rich and the details allowed me to really be there while I was reading it. It also had some light romance in it too. Without spoiling the book, I will say there is a major twist in the book that knocked me off my seat and I felt good with it once I read a few reading guide questions that helped me to process my reaction better.  Are  you curious now? Go ahead and read it and tell me what you think.

I am on the hunt for a new book now and will be back to share my thoughts with you soon.

Happy Reading!!


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