Beach Day!


Hello my friends!! It has been way too long. Summer is so tricky for me. I never seem to sit down to update my blog as often as I would like. So pardon the infrequency.

We decided to get up early today and head on over to Crane Beach in Ipswich. There’s still something special about the whole beach experience. First you have the preparation – What to bring? In what? Seating? Towels? What to read? Is it reasonable to tote across the sand? Then there is the packing. This time around I took a totally different approach. I was busy yesterday so running to the store wasn’t an option for snacks. So we packed the cooler this morning with a bunch of water bottles I had put in the refrigerator the night before, bread, and a few pieces of fruit. On our way we stopped at Trader Joes and picked up some fruit, turkey and some chips. Then off we went to the beach. On one occasion, last year, we arrived late and had to park and take the shuttle. This time we went early so that we could park in the lot. Then there is the choosing of the ideal place to set up your stuff at the beach.

beachjuly12aMy current read was hardcover and I didn’t want to bring a hardcover to the beach so I brought a new book and and old one from my shelf to consider for my beach read. I ended up starting The Hypnotist’s Love Story. I get more reading in when it’s only Leao and I but I don’t let that stop me from bringing a book. It just wouldn’t be right for me not to bring a book.

beachjuly12eNicholas took a comic and a graphic novel with him to read. After we played in the water for a bit which in my opinion, is still too cold, we came back and had a snack then began reading. Apollo brought his word search book and did a little but he enjoys playing in the sand more than reading.

beachjuly12fApollo had a scone after his sandwich and he got more crumbs on the towel than sand!  Did he offer his mom any of his yummy scone? No, absolutely not! I tried to pretend it didn’t hurt.

beachjuly12cWhen I was younger I didn’t care much for beach hats. Now I love wearing them. They provide the extra shade I need and protect my hair.  So I all for them. Last year we bought a beach cart and boy does it make life so much easier at the beach.

Now we are home and Leao is preparing the grill so we can have a quick dinner that doesn’t heat the house up!! Yeah!  I love weekends! I hope you had a great one too.


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