Apollo’s Surgery

Apollo waiting with dad before surgery

Yesterday,  Leao and I had to take Apollo for his long awaited Adenoid surgery.  I couldn’t sleep the night before and had to be in Boston for 6:45am for a 8:45 surgery.  We ended up waiting until 10:15 before he went up for surgery. We were tired, hungry and anxious. He didn’t really know the details of his visit so he was pretty happy.

I am hoping the procedure will resolve his problems. Like the sleep apnea symptoms, snoring, congestion and long duration of colds. If so, it will have been so worth it.


Apollo in recovery

He had a successful procedure and I took a quick picture of him in the recovery before we took him home.  He slept a bit after the procedure but never complained of pain.  He did however, remember the process of the anestesia and he made Leao know that he didn’t like it one bit.  They told him to blow the balloon to get him to inhale the gas and at first Leao said he was fine but then he didn’t like it.  So once he came home he kept saying  “I still don’t want to blow the balloon again”.  He didn’t like the gas proceedure which who could blame him. I had Leao go in with him for I don’t think I would make it. He was pretty angry with Leao after the surgery but he has since forgiven.

I feel blessed that things worked out and I hope over time we will see all the true benefits of this surgery.


  1. oh pumpkin…I like he’s little tiger hospital gown

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