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Well hello my friends. I have been away too long. First I went away with Leao for our anniversary and then I went on a girl’s weekend with my sister. Then this past weekend, I spent with my niece and nephew that are visiting from Florida.  So I am grateful for all the fun but happy to be home again.  So now, I am trying to find a routine. The boys have one week of camp left and then they spend the month of August with me. So I have compiled a list of things I want to do with them and also coming up with a good routine so I can sqeeze in a few hours of work each day. I will let you know how that

Anyway, I thought I would share a few pictures from our anniversary trip to Martha’s Vineyard. We stayed for 4 days and the weather was perfect with warm temperatures with an amazing sea breeze.  We rented a Jeep and explored the island. fishing-villageGrowing up I used to spend time staying with family friends in Oak Bluffs but never really explored the whole island. But this time, we were able to take our time and find new places.  We went to visit the oldest fishing village on the island, we checked out several beaches.

gayheadWe went to see Gay Head lighthouse and the beautiful cliffs.

sunsetThe view from our balcony was amazing. We could see the ocean and watch the ferries come and go. We even had a great view of all the shops. I liked watching the town wake up each morning. First the delivery trucks would slowly arrive, then you would see people walking their dogs and slowly you would see the shop owners flipping over their signs from closed to open.

beachesWhen we first got the rental we drove around to scope out the beaches to figure out which we would visit first. It was fun and I was surprised to find easy parking right off the road and next to the beach.


We had fun trying different places each night for dinner.  It was fun being able to sit and have a meal that we could have conversation without having to fuss with the boys.

sconeWe went to a great dinner for breakfast and if you ignore the big hunk of butter on the side, this homemade blueberry scone rocked my world. It was so amazing, I wanted to order one to go.

I am going to make a mini album of our adventure and will share when I complete it.

Have a blessed day!



  1. Hi Belinda! Looks like you have had some fun in some beautiful places. Thank you for sharing your pictures. I really enjoyed reading about it all…and the pics are great! Have a wonderful week and a fun-filled August with your kids.

  2. Thanks Rasz! I hope you are having a wonderful summer yourself. I feel like it’s whizzing by but I am enjoying it just the same.

  3. Sounds like you have been having a whirl wind summer! I love the wonderful photos you took! You will have to find time to fit in a swim or two or three in our pool!!

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