A Peek Inside: Coloring, coloring and more coloring!!


Hello! OMG…where have I been? Why haven’t I been posting? These are truly valid questions. Which deserve some sort of response.  I am searching for a clever one but can’t find it.  I get swallowed up from time to time with transition periods and this is one of those times. The boys have been back in school for a few weeks  now and we are all trying to get in a good rhythm. I am trying to begin work on new products for my store but things seem to keep holding me back. Wait, is that leaves I see falling outside my window? NO!! Say it isn’t so. I love fall, shh.. it’s my favorite. I love the crisp air, the pretty leaves and let’s not forget the fall fashion (Love it!).  But raking I do not like.  So those leaves better stay put if they know what’s good for them. Oh and I digress.. Perhaps this is why I have not begun production for my shop. I keep getting in the way of myself. Procrastinating, procrastinating, and a little more.

However, today, you can see what I am working on in my craft room.  Coloring.  No it is not products for the store but I am revving my Mojo up with some practice with an online Copic Class. I find that sometimes I need a confidence booster to launch me into creating mode.  So that is what I am doing. Today I am practicing coloring techniques and color combinations.

I wonder what you are doing today?


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