30 Day Coloring Challenge #4: Day 14 – Some Coloring Practice with Copics

logoHello Everyone! I squeezed in some coloring today – Yipee!! Not as much as I would have liked but I like that this challenge doesn’t have a time requirement.


This is a bird that I had from the online copic cardmaker class. So I played around with some funky color combos for these birds.

day14bThe technique I was practicing is called tip-to-tip coloring. It’s when you use two colors that are far away from each other and then take the lightest color and place it on the tip of the darker maker to make a shade that’s in between the two colors making for a nice blend. It’s great for when you have limited colors.

Tomorrow, I have to run the boys on some errands so prepare for another late post tomorrow. I’m just glad to still be at the challenge on day 14.

Happy coloring my friends!


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