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Women’s History Month: “Amy” a documentary about Amy Winehouse

I watched another brilliant documentary about the amazing Amy Winehouse called, “Amy” and directed by Asif Kapadia on my Amazon Prime account. Wow.

I remember when I first heard Amy sing, I thought it was an old black jazz singer. When I first saw her sing, I had to help my brain wrap around the fact that that beautiful sound was coming from this young petite, girl’s mouth. She had such a soulful sound and this movie gives you a glimpse of this young girl before the fame and how she really had no guidance from her parents. Drugs, depression and the over exposure at such a young age, seemed to lead to her demise.

I remember exactly where I was when I found out the news that she had died and it took my breath away. It felt like she was just getting started and had so much to offer. Many try to dismiss her death and oversimplify the complexity of all the things that lead to her death. ¬†I think this film gives views a better chance to see how misunderstood she often was and that she didn’t have the strength of her parents to continually insist on treatment. I realize she was an adult and I am not simply blaming the parents but I am saying that they were a part of her demise as well as her husband, the producer and all of the management as well as Amy herself.

I listen to her songs differently now that I know more of the backstory. Another great talent gone too soon.

These music management companies need to learn from these losses and work to help artists if they fall off the path.  Sometimes, I think that fear and greed take the front seat too often.

Have a blessed day!



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