Fun Photos Friday #29: Being Productive.


Hmm..the boys are now back at school.  It’s a wonderful feeling being able to cross things off your list, prepare for the next day (lunches, clothes), make beds, do a load of laundry, actually get work done at my desk and then still have time for an hour of reading before the boys come home.  I do love how productive I can be while they are in school.  It lifts that daily burden and let’s me fly.

Today I am having another one of those days and I am going to cherish it.

I hope you are having a good day and have a great weekend!


Fun Photos Friday #20: Fun times at IKEA


Happy Friday!!! I love Fridays. I always wake up happy because I know I have two days off from the regular routine and more time for fun.

On our recent trip to IKEA I snapped a few photos and thought hmmm these would be good for Fun Photos Friday.  I am not sure about others but my family gets pretty pumped when we get to go to IKEA.  It is about a 35 minute drive from our home.  Everyone in our family has different reasons for the excitement. My husband, I would guess he likes the idea of saving money and DIY stuff, the boys love the cafe. I like walking the floors and finding inspiration in their layouts. I enjoy finding things for my craft room.  On this trip I bought the ever so popular kitchen cart to use in my craft room. I am working on my first video to put on this site and it will feature the cart and how I store my Project Life supplies in it.  So stay tuned.

funphotofriday21We went early and did all of our shopping and then Leao and Nicholas put them in the car while Apollo and I waited for them in the showroom before heading to the cafe.  Well the picture above is how Apollo chose to wait. This was a living room display and I sat in a comfy chair close to the escalators to wait for Leao and Nicholas. Apollo found it necessary to tinker with the computer. Despite the fact that I told him it was a fake computer.  He made me laugh so hard while he was typing away and then periodically looking up as if I was wrong and words would appear on the screen.

funphotofriday22After we left IKEA we stopped in at the local Target and the boys couldn’t resist standing in this open space. Oh and yes, Apollo is sporting his Starbucks Chai tea in his hand (like mother, like son!).

Have a blessed weekend my friends!



Fun Photos Friday – # 18 – ‘Mom vs. Laundry’


I am the first to admit, I am not to good with math but I can’t figure out how 4 people can make this much laundry in what feels like a very short period of time.  Look how it’s exploding out of the baskets.

I usually wash a couple loads a day but sometimes, life and work get in the way and this is the result – a back load of madness. My husband and I sometimes watch this show called Man vs. Nature and there is another one called Man vs Food. Well I decided this is my show – ‘Mom vs. Laundry’!  The chronicle of my daily battle with mountains of laundry! I am still on the fence as to whether this photo should be included in “Fun Photo Friday” since there is absolutely nothing fun about laundry. But I thought it might make us laugh nonetheless.

I hope you all have a blessed weekend!


Fun Photos Friday #17 : Growing up fast


I just realized a few weeks ago that my oldest son’s pants were creeping up and I needed to go buy him some more.  Today, I was folding the new pants after taking them out of the dryer and reality set in that he is growing so fast.  Part of me wishes he could stay small forever and stay with me. But I know part of being a parent, we are to help them grow and guide them so that they can go out into the world and share their greatness. But standing there looking at his new jeans and  I couldn’t believe how the time flies so fast. These jeans looked so long.

Think I am going to hug him a little tighter today!!

Have a great weekend!



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