Fun Photos Friday – #4

Meditating Nicholas

Nicholas first meditation


I used to meditate fairly regularly and the last few years my practice has become very sporadic and often non-existent.  I finally have resumed a regular practice of a morning meditation and an afternoon session.  The boys are sleeping during my morning meditation but up and about during the afternoon session (which I even have an alarm set on my iPhone to remind me to sit for my afternoon practice).  It has become a very natural part of my day again and I feel happy about that.

I have an area in my bedroom where I meditate and on this day I left my door unlocked and began my session.  Well Nicholas came in and went to the bathroom. I could feel him staring at me.  Then when he finished in the bathroom he came out and sat down about 5 feet from me. I couldn’t tell what he was doing so I stayed with my breath until I finished my time and when I turned to see what he was doing, this is what he was doing.

I have been trying to find ways as they are getting older to introduce them to meditation. I am exploring walking meditation as a way for them at this age. But I am thrilled he showed an interest even if fleeting.


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