In my garden


One of the greatest gifts that is present in every moment

is the flow of your breath.

Your breath is the mover;

You are the dancer.

– Shiva Rea

I thought I would start sharing photos from my garden again since it is a very important part of my life – my connection to nature. I recently shared this photo on Instagram and thought I would share it with those of you too.

I also thought it would be nice to pair two things that really inspire me, my garden and quotes. So I will share pictures from my garden with quotes that inspire me and give me pause.

Happy day my friend!


In the Garden today answer: My first sunflower


Yes as my lovely friend Joan pointed out, I named the image first sunflower so it loaded on the computer with the image.  Great so I spoiled my own surprise. I always buy sunflowers each year in seed form and imagine rows of sunflowers. Each year, I forget to plant them.

Well this year, rather late, I threw about six seeds in and I was blessed with 4 sunflowers. I like the color of this one. It’s small in terms of Sunflower size but still beautiful to look at.

Have a blessed day!


In the Garden today: What did I see?



Hello!  I thought I would give you a test today. The picture above was taken in my garden this morning. Can you guess what it is? I will reveal what it is on Wednesday.


Next Stage in my Buddha Garden


Hello everyone! I am making progress with my Buddha garden redesign. I thought of the idea of taking the plastic drip trays used for pots to place glass beads in to create the illusion of water.  Then I planted white Allysum around the tray. It will eventually fill in as it is a ground cover. They also have a nice fragrance to them.


The Irises, astible, sedum, hosta and Japanese painted ferns were already in the garden. So I just popped in some annuals for a blast of color.

buddha1In the back there is a beautiful black pot I scored at Lowes that looks like stone glued around it.  I bought Giant Elephant ears bulbs and planted one in there so I am hoping it will grow and reach up and arch over towards Buddha.  The Japanese Painted fern is fun to watch when there is a slight breeze when it stirs the leaves just a bit.


I want to add in some fresh mulch and incorporate some stone in the design too.  So as it matures throughout the season I will be sure to post some updates.

This garden is pretty good size and the best part is I can sit on my deck with a cup of tea and take in the peace and serenity…namaste!

Now, back to work on some new products.

Have a blessed day my friends.



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