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Happy Monday!

Hello, my friends! Last week flew by and I feel like we haven’t chatted enough so here I am to catch up with you. Last night I watched the Grammys. Yup, I’m one of the millions that enjoy watching the performances, oogling over the pretty dresses and seeing who walks away with a win. I used to stay up to the end but I knew if I did, today would be brutal so I watched for a while and taped the rest. I wish they had an award show for authors and illustrators. But that is the bookworm talking.

On Saturday, I spent the day with my crafty girlfriends and I played around with my new Zig watercolor markers. I think coming from the control I have with Copics, I have to let go a bit and enjoy the occasional randomness in the colors. I will check out more videos to see what kind of pointers I can glean from them. I had great fun and as I always say, it’s the best therapy to take time to craft with friends. We had food, music, wonderful conversation and free time to play.

I spent Sunday, playing Xbox with the boys and watching some of our older movies from our collection. I made it a point to not do anything and hang out with them. Then we watched some of the Grammys together.

Today, the weather is quite gloomy and a little snow is on the way later but I had made a decision last Monday that I would dedicate Mondays to me. So not only have I been doing my Meatless Mondays for months now, I have decided to take the day off from work and pamper me. So that might mean, out and browsing some pretty clothes, roaming in new bookstore, curling up with my blanket, book and a cup of tea and reading, taking a long bath, taking a nap or it might be having lunch with a friend anything that is relaxing. I won’t do laundry or any sort of cleaning (a bad habit of people that work from home). So today I am relaxing on the couch trying to finish up some books I started this month.  Some books are from my reading challenge and others just because. After I pick up the boys, I will drop a load of clothes in the wash and pick up a bit. But no work today. Just my Me Monday happening here today.

So here’s to pampering oneself! Have a great day!



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