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I’m Back: A Recap of My Time Away!!

Hello my peeps! ¬†Wow, I got swept up in so much happenings that I didn’t get a chance to check in. Let’s see, the last time we connected was my last Women’s History post on the 29th. Well I spent an amazing weekend with Leao in New Jersey at my best friend’s wedding. We left on Friday morning and flew home mid-day Sunday. I realized this was the first time Leao and I have flown without the kids in 13 years! Wow. We usually travel on vacations with the boys so it was a treat to just have the two of us.longbranchwedding1Leao and I took a selfie in our rental car on our way to the hotel. Met the bride to be at the hotel and look at the cute little goodie bag that was on our bed at the hotel!

longbranchwedding2We took a little tour of Long Branch. The ocean was spectacular and some of the trees were already in bloom.

longbranchwedding3We got ready for an evening wedding and the shuttle picked up all of the guests right in front of our hotel. It was a luxury shuttle with fancy seating and mini bars.

longbranchwedding4The wedding. Wow what can I say, it was beautiful. It was in a seaside restaurant so the ocean was in background all of the time. There were Cherry blossoms everywhere. So pretty.

longbranchwedding5Met some new friends at the wedding and caught up with college friends at brunch the next day!

On Monday we had a stinkin’ snow storm that left shoveling deep snow and pushed back my grocery shopping a day.


Then on Tuesday I started my spring Clean Gut Cleanse. Remember I did it last year with amazing results. This time I have my girlfriend Ashley joining me on what I am now calling a “Spring Cleaning for my Body and Soul”! It feels so good to really nourish my body properly. I am on day 4 today and my energy is great. I discovered a new breakfast smoothie this time around. I have also been sharing some of my meals with Leao. I even created a bullet journal to track my information this time around. I will share that with you soon.


On Wednesday, we took the boys to their first Celtic’s game at the TD Garden. Nick’s ticket was free because he made High Honors this term at school so they paid for his ticket and we purchased our tickets so we could all go.

Now, you know I am all in on my football. I can’t get enough of it. Ashley and I commiserate via text throughout the games all season and I try to go see the Pat’s once a year. But that said, I really enjoyed myself and see me going again. It’s so close to drive there and the lights, the music, really make it so much fun. The players were amazing to watch. So I may start watching more games now.

celticsgame2Both boys had a great time and I definitely see this happening again.


Tonight is movie night and we bought a copy of the latest Star Wars movie so we can watch it again. I can’t wait to see if I notice more things the second time around.

I told you, it’s been busy! I am truly grateful for all the blessings of this past week. I have so much fun stuff to share with you so do stop by soon.

Have a blessed weekend!



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