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OLW: Connecting with Family

Lately I have been watching how all the electronics and outside things are taking away from genuine family time. Sometimes I fear we all don’t know what else to do.  So one of my plans for 2015 is to connect (my One Little Word for 2015)with my family. I would like to move to towards the place when we can all reduce the distractions so that we can just sit with each other and find a way to be truly content.

I want to start by trying to schedule things that will do just that; then maybe eventually it will become more natural for us.  I recently found out about National Readathon day which is this Saturday, January 24th. It is a fundraiser for the National Book Foundation but instead of the sole focus of it as a fundraiser, in our home, I’m going to take it as an opportunity for us to reconnect with each other through reading. It’s supposed to be a reading session for three hours from 12 – 3pm when groups we just sit with your books and read. But since the boys are very young I know that’s not possible. So I have decided to break it into 3 one-hour sessions of reading.

I told Leao about it because I want him of course to be there too and he is very happy to join us. I told the boys to think about the books that they want so they can read anything they want but that no devices will be available (only e-reader if that is the choice of medium)  only books.

Now I know it’s not connecting via talking but it’s connecting through the love of literature in doing the same thing together with no distractions from the outside world. It’s a step. Besides I love an excuse to get some reading fit into my day. It’s also an opportunity to discuss literacy problems in this country.

Below I included the banner, link and a little more information about this fundraiser. NATIONAL BOOK FOUNDATION INC

National Readathon Day (NRD) is a nation-wide marathon reading session on Saturday, January 24 from Noon – 4pm (in respective time zones)
– You can share your love of books and support programs that promote reading by pledging to read and fundraising for the National Book Foundation
– It’s like a walk-a-thon charity drive, but we’re turning pages instead of walking laps.

Hope you can find some tiime to check it out and grab a book on Saturday!



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