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A Storm is coming…

My daffodils opened today.

My daffodils opened today.

Well I went to Trader Joe’s yesterday to restock our pantry.  I have been watching the news quite regularly to see what the predictions are of this storm and it sounds like it will be a big one.

There is that side of me that is cynical and thinks they got it wrong. But I think they might have it right and if they do, then it is going to hit us with a lot of snow.

This is how I keep spring in our home throughout winter.

This is how I keep spring in our home throughout winter.

Now I am the first one to grumble along with my friends about the cold and my not so much love for snow but deep down (shhh) I really get a thrill of waiting and witnessing the snow.  It’s beautiful.  It slows us down and lord knows I need some slowing down.  It forces us to appreciate things more and I love when you look at the untouched snow after the storm and it looks like one big blanket covering us all together.  So I  am looking forward to fun with Leao and the boys for a few days…

Then I will resume my not so much love for the snow speech.

If you are in the area please be safe throughout this storm.

Have a blessed day!



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