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Glitter, Glitter and more Glitter

My first glitter purchase

Okay, I have a confession…I am a crafter that doesn’t like glitter. I don’t know where it began but I have an aversion to it. I am the parent that sneaks after the boys go to bed and toss their latest school creation with loads of glitter into the trash under some other stuff so that I am not found out.  I even cringe when the holidays roll around because I am convinced it is a requirement for teachers to use glitter on almost every project for three months straight.

Why don’t I like it you ask? Well it’s messy. I can’t get rid of it in my car when I transport these lovelies home and they get on my clothes and skin for days after I have discarded them.  Over the last few years, I have found glitter glue my new friend. I like that it pretty much stays put.  No worries.

Well who said I can’t change? I came across the most beautiful autumnal cards that featured beautiful stamps that where colored and then enhanced with glitter. I touched the display and found not much on my finger. So I openned up to the possibility as I talked with my crafter friends while at a crop. They told me the glitter glue is pretty but not as sparklie as real glitter.

So I took the plunge and bought some glitter today. Oh and I couldn’t resist the little Halloween dog stamp.  I have not opened the glitter up to try them yet. I feel like a cat that doesn’t like water. I am hesitant to open even one jar for fear that I will forever be covered in glitter.  But I shall perservere.

So here are the glitters. I will post my first sparkalicious sparkalicious (yup I made that word up) creation once I complete it.  And who said you can’t teach a old (using the word gently) crafter new tricks?

Belinda’s Crafts Update

I happy to announce that Belinda’s Crafts can now accept credit cards as a form of payment.  I have had people ask me and Etsy has finally enabled the fuctionality for US stores right now and eventually globally.


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