Tool Time Product Review: Clean Zig Markers

Hello my crafty friends! I have been hoping to get this post up a while back but not sure how it got lost in the pile of “need to dos”.

During the Christmas holidays, I kept watching videos about these lovely markers by Kureteke. I saw some glorious examples using them to create watercolor backgrounds and I just had to have them. After all, I am a colorist and that means all things to do with coloring makes me happy. So I ordered them. But boom, I soon realized I purchased another brand of watercolor markers. So I quickly realized my error and ordered this 36-piece set of Zig Clean Color markers. As are most of the tools of the trade, they are quite pricey so until I tried them out and decided I wanted to use them often, I think the 36 piece set is perfect. I also bought Ranger’s Multi Medium Matte glue and this precision tip container that I saw on a YouTuber’s channel. For those of you that use Glossy Accents, you will appreciate this precision tip. I don’t know how many times the glue clogged the tip and I couldn’t get the blasted stuff out. So I quickly replaced the tip of the Multi-Medium Matte with the precision tip and voila – problem solved!  So I will be buying another for my glossy accents. When it comes to craft supply organization, Jennifer McGuire, an amazing crafter, has got it down to a science. So I watched one of her videos to see how she organized her markers. So in order to capture each color and their variations when water is added, I made a swatch sheet and wrote the corresponding number below each color. Then I used a hole-punch and punched out tiny circles to place on the tips of each marker for quick access. I then used the multi-medium matte to adhere them to the top of each marker and once that was dry, I applied glossy accents to give them a lovely seal and shine. In Jennifer’s video, she didn’t say what to do with the remaining color swatch but I decided it was the perfect size and slid it into the back of the marker case. So now I have two references and this one I can take out and look at all of the colors side-by-side in one glance to see what colors I want to use. I love organizing supplies as much as I love purchasing them so this was really a fun activity. I am going away in a little over a week for my annual girlfriend creative escape and I can’t wait to bring these markers to play with them.

Hope you have a crafty day!


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