It’s National Book Lovers Day!!!

Today is National Book Lovers Day! So today I am going to take a trip to Barnes and Noble with my boys. Today is a day to celebrate books and find a little time preferably in your favorite nook, to read.  Above is a photo from the new Amazon Books that has opened up near me. I love how they have all of the book covers facing out.

I also including a few pictures from this year of my boys reading and all of the different places I read. On the plane, on the beach, under a cozy blanket in my fun chairs, in my car at pick up, my reading nook in the winter, oh and especially on my deck three seasons of the year.

I hope you find even 15 minutes today to pick up a book.

Happy reading!


Fun Photos Friday #30: Brotherly love

funphotofriday30aI still love capturing the boys moments together.  This is them looking at a book Nicholas checked out of the library. I love how they don’t even realize they are sitting alike.

funphotofriday30bI came a little closer so I could see what they were reading.  Some graphic novel, I think.


As I watched them, they decided to take the fun to a reclined position.  Sorry for the blur but they were wiggling and I was rushing to get the shot.

funphotofriday30dNicholas read to his brother. I love hearing them read.  I can’t help but smile when I see them play together and especially when they read to each other. Now that’s brotherly love in action.

Have a blessed weekend friends!


Belinda’s Book Nook: My Love affair with Books

Lately I have just been so engrossed with books that it has got me thinking about my on-again and off-again love affair with books. I can’t remember exactly what book that was the turning point for me, but as a child I remember reading Ann of Green Gables and loving it. I loved how they transported me everywhere. I would sit in my bedroom and read my favorites feeling like I was the luckiest girl to have it.

When I reached high school, boys were on the brain and I slowed my pace. I also remember resentment at some of the school selections I had to read and it souring me a bit.

In addition to the fictions I was reading while in college, I became exposed to more African American History books so I tried to learn more about my heritage.  I always still felt that warm feeling when I went inside bookstores and perused the shelves for a great find.  I began to find pleasure in the hunt for the next book.

Right after college, I read mostly in the summer at the beach. I discovered chick lit and would tear through them like a good chocolate bar. It was a welcome break from the serious non-fiction that I was previously reading.

While working my second real job out of college at a newspaper, I renewed my love of books.  I got exposure to many genres I never knew existed. I started reading historical fictions, mysteries, science fictions, biographies, non-fictions and realized there was so much more to books.

I joined a book club at one point and was exposed to the joy of talking books with friends. We would pick a book and meet once a month at each others’ house bringing food to eat while we discussed our selection.

After I married, I was focused mostly on my career and read mostly on vacations. I would call them my beach reads.

Years, later after my two beautiful boys were born, I struggled to find the time and energy to devote to my first love (books) and stopped completely for  a short spell.

For the last few years, I have renewed my vows with my first love and can’t get enough of them. I am opening up to even more experiences (YA, paranormal, dystopian, self-help) and so happy to have books in my life again.

Have you ever thought about your journey with books? Are they just something you do on vacation or has it been a long love affair with ups and downs?

Happy Reading!


My Other Office!

My other office!

My other office!

My son took this picture of me on our deck. I think this is my favorite place aside from my craft room to work. I am screened in so those peskie mosquitos can’t terrorize me and I am surrounded by my garden which makes me smile. We use this deck, all Spring, Summer and Fall.  We even have had movie night out here for the boys at night.

Now I am actually working.

Now I am actually working.

I like to work on my laptop writing posts out here. It’s relaxing (well when the boys aren’t fighting) and I actually get work done while they ride scooters and play in the yard.  I also like coloring up images with my Copics in the natural light – easier on the eyes!

My favorite thing to do out here is read and many of books have been devoured here.

Have a blessed day!




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