Inside My Craft Room – My love wall

As you know, I have a wall were I display art, photographs and paper crafts. I love this space because it is the first thing I see when entering my craft room from the first floor. So it kind of sets the mood before I sit down to create. I am calling this display ‘my love wall’. I snagged some cool heart lights from Target for additional fun lighting for when I work in the evening.

I purchased some wooden X and O blocks from Target and decided it would be fun to paint them. They didn’t come out quite as nice as I would like for two reasons, one I forgot to lightly sand the wood and my gesso that I use to prep the wood was old and chunky!! I made sure to ditch it after I finished this project so I can purchase a new jar.

The fun thing about making things for my craft room is that the pressure is off so I can make mistakes and learn from them without the pressure of something I create for my shop. So I took a couple days to paint these.

I am not sure what to create on this wall next. So I will just leave it up for a while. I mean, come on, who can’t use a little love to inspire them?

Have a lovely day!

Distress Ink Storage and Organizing Time

distressink1 Hello! One thing about running a small business with an employee of one, me, is that I have been learning ever so slowly how to incorporate more organizational systems to keep things moving. Sometimes its fun to come up with my own solutions, other times, why re-invent the wheel? There are great storage solutions out there so I took the opportunity during one of those big online sales at Joanns and bought these cute storage tins that are made to hold the mini Distress Inks.

distressink2The clear top is great to see quickly what colors I have and they stack nicely for storing.


I switched a while back to use the round daubers with these ink pads and after searching online, I saw a great idea online where someone stored the pads right inside the ink case. So I put them right in the bottom of each ink pad so that I don’t have to worry about accidentally mixing colors. The fit in and stay put until I am ready to use them.

distressink4When I am ready to use them I just turn the ink upside down and press down lightly and the foam sticks to the velcro and off we go!

distressink5One more look at the cases so you can get an idea how compact they are. I like these more than my larger ones because I can see everything at a glance more quickly but if I use a certain color more I may either buy a re-inker or just get the larger ink pad. For now, this works nicely.

Hope you found an idea or inspiration to keep on organizing your craft supplies.

Have a blessed day.



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