It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Fall

Hello friends! I hope you had a lovely weekend. Somehow it managed to fly right by just like this month. I can’t believe it will be October very soon. That said, I always like to make sure I know the official day fall begins. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year and my mind starts to make those adjustments pretty fast. That said, I took the time over the weekend to head over to one of my favorite garden centers to purchase some chrysanthemums to plant in my garden. I laid down my tarp and filled my trunk with some beauties.

In late August, I tend to start to get bored with my veggie garden and start thinking about mums, pumpkins, and red leaves with the foliage change. This year we had such an awful drought that I didn’t have to feel guilty about my change of allegiance to the fall offerings. My veggies are nearing an end and many plants didn’t survive the drought.

So I start walking around my yard and look for wholes to fill with mums. I always fill the spaces next to my blanket flowers with mums for a big splash of color in my front yard.

The plants I had near my front fence didn’t make it leaving a nice place to put a pop of color too.

I still have more decorating to do on my front entrance but at least all of my plants are in!

Have a lovely day!

Happy Monday!

Hello! I hope you all are well. I somehow managed to work through last week and missed writing a post so I thought I would share a recap of my peaceful Mother’s Day. The photos are not in order but I bet you can figure that out!!

My day began with a yummy homemade breakfast-in-bed and then I spent a little time reading in bed until my youngest joined me for a chat. Then Leao set up the new pump to our rain barrel and I was able to spend time watering some plants in the garden with rainwater. We always talked about getting a rain barrel and I am so happy we finally got around to doing that. It makes so much sense and the plants prefer the rainwater. We have two barrels and I could not believe how much I was able to water from only two barrels! Leao’s young lilac bush had its first bloom right in time for Mother’s Day. So I had to snap a picture of it. I have the old fashion lilac bushes but his bush has the beautiful fun white outline on the petals.

Then Apollo and I sat outside and ate some sushi for lunch. On Saturday, we spent the day with my mother-in-law and we ate lobster to celebrate. They also bought me a huge pot of dianthus and I knew exactly where to place it. I have a large pot I bought last year in place of the large tree we had to cut down. I kind of thought it would be a nice memorial for the tree so I bought a pot but never filled it. The dianthus pot fits in it perfectly and the flowers are so prolific. I look out my office window and smile at all those blossoms.

Leao took Apollo and I for a chai at Starbucks then we drove over to nearby lake to sit for a bit. Something about being near water is so calming.

At the end of the day I watched some TV with my husband and colored my first page in one of my new coloring books. I plan to complete it this week. I really enjoyed coloring this page.

What a relaxing but filled day I had. I didn’t miss laundry, cooking or cleaning one bit!

Have a wonderful Monday!

What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday #577

on my desk…

Hello, my crafty friends! It’s Wednesday and I am am a bit late but you know what time it is. Time to snoop. For those of you that aren’t familiar with WOYWW (What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday), head on over to Julia’s Stamping Ground and you will find desks from all around the world where we get to snoop on other crafter’s desks.

This is my desk before I started working this morning. On the left is my journal. I have fallen off a little. I probably journal about 4 days a week but I would like to get back to daily writing. In the middle is some stickers and alphabet stamps and on the right are coloring books and nope, I have not finished the butterfly picture I shared two weeks ago!

I made these bee cards during my last zoom craft session with my girlfriends last Saturday. I love the little bees. Especially the one with the glasses.

I also began there prep work for another card design. I colored and fussy cut these beautiful Bird of Paradise but decided after cut number 3 that I will order the die. It’s just way too much to cut them all by hand. So hopefully it will arrive in a few days so I can continue working on those cards.

So very happy. Last weekend our landscaper came and pruned my shrubs and installed my mulch. It always looks so much more serene when they put it in. Those pesky weeds don’t get to steal the show.

A late birthday gift arrived later in the week. It’s a solar powered garden decor of a flower with dragonflies. It’s so pretty and so bright at night. I love it. I placed it near my deck so I can look at it when we are out in the evening.

Confession: I did buy myself some craft gifts for my birthday! Hee hee. A beautiful color by number coloring book. I will swatch it with my prismacolors this week so I can start coloring in it. I also bought a coloring book with black women in it. It’s so gorgeous and wonderful to see black women in a coloring book. Sooooo naturally I had to buy a set of dark tones colored pencils so that I could better color the images. 😉

Yesterday, I spent over an hour in the morning giving my houseplants some TLC. I bought new pots and mixed up potting soil and repotted plants. I even repotted some of my orchids. They require a different medium. I didn’t want to get bit by mosquitos so I did it right on my deck and swept up the mess (you can see it in the smaller photo on the bottom row) when I finished. Now I have fallen in love all over again with my plants after their transformation into their new homes. I love how the cactus plant matches the pot and the prayer plant pops in the porcelain white pot.

Ok enough of my babbling. It’s time to snoop. Stay well, my friends!


What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday #575

on my desk…

Hello, my crafty friends! It’s Wednesday and I am am a bit late but you know what time it is. Time to snoop. For those of you that aren’t familiar with WOYWW (What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday), head on over to Julia’s Stamping Ground and you will find desks from all around the world where we get to snoop on other crafter’s desks.

Today is a cool but sunny day so I think this afternoon I will head out to do some weeding in my garden. The weeds grow so fast. I think when I go back inside they send a friend up to visit!!

Today I am working on a new card set. So first I am mass stamping up the images to be colored and cut out. I purchased the coordinating dies so the cutting will be a breeze. I can’t wait to color these adorable bees.

With this quarantine, I have been constantly trying to find new ways to keep it fun for my boys. One way is that every Friday, we get in the car, mask up and head over to Starbucks drive-thru for some chai. We have even begun to call it Friday Chai Day! It has become a new ritual that is fun and of course yummy.

A quick garden picture of my irises with wild phlox sprinkled around them. The purple is so intense in person and I always take picture of all the different stages.

I have been very cautious during this time and not going shopping with the exception of a couple runs to Lowe’s. The last time I went to Target was March 16th so last Thursday, I am pretty sure you ladies across the pond heard my squeal of joy as my husband pulled up to Target for my first return visit. One would think I was entering Disney’s park. I was that happy. It felt strange when I got inside but I walked around and looked at the current stock of items. It’s the little things that I miss like quick runs to Target to pick up items.

Like much of the world, this experience has made me want to capture time in a scrapbook. On our weekly, zoom craft session last Saturday, I worked on cards and this One Little Word album. A friend and I are working together for fun and accountability. We have fallen behind so our goal is to get all caught up by the end of June. I am really close to meeting this goal and it will be a major achievement that I will celebrate.

And finally, I have continued to work on that coloring page I showed you last week. I was hoping to have it completed but that didn’t stop me from sharing my progress. I am loving coloring this page and when I sit with it, I am finding it really comforting.

Please take care and stay well.



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