Fun Photos Friday #32: These Boots and our Readathon Update

funphotosfriday0130_2015Hello and happy Friday! It’s a cloudy morning with a light snow falling outside my window. I thought I would share a few things for my Fun Photos Friday post. The first being our boots all lined up at the door after the snow adventures this week. It’s always a transition for the boys to start wearing their snow boots each year. They don’t want to wear them to school because then they have to change into shoes and back when they leave.  But by the end of the season they still want to keep wearing them.  Nicholas outgrew his snowsuit so I need to get him a new one but Apollo as you saw in previous posts, has stress tested his suit to the max. He loves laying in the snow and when I think way back (don’t say anything), I liked to lay down in snow too when I had my snow gear on. After this blizzard, I did stop and grab handfuls to marvel at the sparkling flakes. They were like beautiful crystals.  I always liked when they talk about how no two flakes are alike and I love that idea.

readathon1The Readathon on Saturday was a success in our home. I made fresh scones for us to munch on while we dived into a 2 hour reading session.  It was suppose to be three hours but I broke it up into two 1-hour sessions since they are a bit younger and didn’t want them to get fidgety. It was a total success. They brought their books and we had a great time.

readathon2Leao joined us too so it was a family affair!  Apollo of course brought his bear Bee and I’m not sure but I take it that having Bee sit on his head on while he read, relaxed him. It was so cute I had to take a picture. Of course Nicholas would not cooperate for a photo. He had to make ears behind my head. I’ll take it, since at least he was smiling!

readathon3At our second session, we had popcorn for a snack while we read. I got a good deal of reading during our readathon without guilt because we all were reading. It was really nice. I would love to have even a one hour session where we all read together more regularly. Something definitely to consider.

Well I must go get some work done but I did want to let you know that I will be having my first Book Give Away on Tuesday so do be sure to check out the details.

Have a blessed weekend my friends.




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