Happy Monday – a little splurging…

Hello everyone, and happy Monday! I am back to share a little splurging that took place this weekend while shopping with my boys. Many of you may not know but I am a super fan of Hayao Miyazaki’s movies that are animated by Studio Ghibli. I have been watching them since the release of Ponyo in 2008. That was the first introduction I had to his work and from that point on, I became a super fan and began collecting his movies.

One of my favorites was My Neighbor Totoro and I love collecting art reproductions etc. So let me tell you when I headed into this anime store with my boys, I was in for a lovely surprise. They had this amazing desk pad. Now before you say what is that? I will tell you my son has had a super large desk pad for years now and I have teased him relentlessly. I would say, do you need to move your mouse all over the desk to work? He would roll his eyes and shake his head. Fast forward to yesterday and it was love at first sight. My husband quickly purchased it for me because he saw the pure joy in my eyes.

Let me tell you, it is so comfortable to work on it and I love seeing it when I walk into my office. A side bonus is that I think it will help me clear my desk at the end of the day so I can be greeted by it when I enter the room each morning.

I hope you find something that brings you joy in your day, whether it’s something you purchase or gazing into a beautiful sunset. I am totally biased and believe that the best sunsets occur in the winter where I live, so have at it.


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