30-Day Coloring Challenge Part 2: Day 2

challenge_graphic-June-650Hello Everyone! Well today I was inspired by the blog hop on The Daily Marker which is hosting this coloring challenge. I went to Laura Bassen’s site for the hop and she created this card technique only her’s was with circles. Unfortunately I ran out of my Copic Xpress paper so I had to use a cheaper alternative to try this out.  So the blending didn’t happen as smooth as I would like but I still love the result.

This month many of my family and friends (including me) have a birthday. So I am quickly working to make cards to send. Thought that would make a perfect coloring assignment for today.

day2I used the hex chart again and it was really helpful for selecting colors. When my order of xpress it comes in, I am definitely going to make more. I used my Silhouette to cut out the heart balloons in various sizes.

My question for you is this – should I add lines for string on the balloons or leave them floating in the air?

Happy coloring!! See you tomorrow!


30-Day Coloring Challenge: Day 16 – Day 22

challenge_graphic-4-revisedHello Everyone! I am still loving this challenge. I went away last Thursday and the internet access was spotty so I only managed to post one update via my Instagram. So I decided now that I am home, I can share what coloring I have been doing for the past 5 days.

I have yet to recap and post a blog on my weekend away but I will soon. During that time I spent four days with some of the most creative women I know up in the mountains in Jackson New Hampshire at a cozy Inn.

110On Day 16, I wanted to explore water coloring. Despite my nice accumulation of watercolor products, I hadn’t even cracked the seal on most.  My latest purchase was a set of 24 Derwent Inktense Watercolor pencils. So on my first day up in Jackson, I opened them up and started playing. The first thing I would say is that they are very neat and no worry of cross contaminating the water brush I used with them. What drew me to them in the first place was the vibrant colors. Typically water coloring is very muted, mostly pastel in color. But you can achieve vibrant colors if you choose to work with these pencils.


On Day 17, I returned to my Copics and colored up a Saturated Canary image with some new copic colors that I recently purchased. She is so pretty and girly and I love everything about this image.






On Day 18, I played with watercolor again (round 2) and the butterflies didn’t come out how I would like the first time around but will continue to work on it. I also made some pretty cards with the flowers I water colored. I can’t wait to try them with my Copics. It’s fun seeing the different results. I want to offer some water colored products soon so this play time is with the intention of gaining some skills.

On Day 19 was off to shop with Ashley and travel home! Yup, no coloring.

On Day 20 was my first day back home in my craft room. I needed to begin the process which takes me a while to put all my craft supplies back from my trip. I wish I could say I finished putting everything away but that is a lie and my family might call me on it, since they see my craft room everyday. But I am sure everything will return to it’s proper place soon.


On Day 21, I only had 5 minutes between errands and appointments and catching up on work. So I began coloring up an old digital file from Mo Manning. I used her last Easter and will do it again. She and the bunny are just so cute, I can’t help but say awww every time I see this image. Mo is one of my favorite digital designers by far.

On Day 22, One again, nothing. Homework with the boys and work for me. So not coloring.

I am really trying to stick to this challenge. It is difficult on some days and others, very easy, but I am sticking with it. I do find posting it on my blog takes a lot more time so in the future I think I will continue my updates  on my Instagram account. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Happy crafting!


30-Day Coloring Challenge: Day 11 – Hummingbird happenings

challenge_graphic-4-revisedOk, I am still sharing even if I literally only had 5 minutes to color. I have another digi from Just Inked that I am coloring. I liked it because it has a hummingbird which is my favorite. Just working on the leaves today.

day11I was too busy to sit and color more. But I didn’t want to miss a day.  Tomorrow I will finish coloring this image and share it with you.

Happy coloring!


30-Day Coloring Challenge: Day 10 – Dainty Fuscia

challenge_graphic-4-revisedHello! More flowers today for me. It helps me cope with the snow and cold that remains. I chose a digital stamp from Just Inked Lined.  I always hang a fuscia plant from my deck each year and love looking at them.

day10aI think this was a freebie. I love the colors of fuscias. So I tried to find similar colors with my copics.

day10bThe beauty of this flower is that it has a long season and little care is required. My mother was the first one to get me one and I have been hanging them on my deck ever since.

Have a great weekend! I will be back tomorrow with another coloring session.



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