Keep Calm and Go to a Place called Turkey

Apollo’s candle he made in school.

Apollo who is in Kindergarten right now brought home the cutest candle he made in class to decorate the Thanksgiving table.   The best part was seeing his face light up when my mother-in-law put it in the middle of the table.

Keep Calm and Go to a Place called Turkey!

Nicholas being the quick crafter didn’t want to be left out of contributing so he made this cute sign to put on the table too.  He based it on the Keep Calm items we see flooding the internet lately. He is so up to date it’s amazing.

Fun Photos Friday – #8

It’s been a while since I have posted a favorite photo for Friday. Well not only is it my favorite by it has my three favorite people and it was taken on Friday.


First day of school pick up with Dad.

Most days I pick up the boys from school alone. Leao is at work and can’t be there. Today was the boys first day of school. Apollo’s first day in Kindergarten and Nicholas third grade.  So having dad waiting there for them when they came out of school was a proud moment for us all. I love these moments and will always cherish them.


Fun Photos Friday – #2

My Tech Boys

My Tech Boys!

I captured this photo with my iphone one morning when my boys were totally engrossed with their “gadgets”.

They fight on and off all day so whenever they are getting along and peaceful I snatch up my iphone (which is my new go to until I fix my Nikon) and snap away.

They practically sit on top of each other. It’s the cutest thing and I am enjoying it since they are growing up so fast this will be only a blink.  Oh and of course “Bee”, Apollo’s bear is always close.


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