30 Day Coloring Challenge #4: Day 23 – Cupcake card

logoGood evening! I’m going to bed but I’m really trying to be good about coloring and posting. I managed to color but the posting part not so much so here we go.

day23aHere is my completed card with this cute image. I love the pretty ribbon in her hair. I then started work on another card. I took a Power Poppy digital stamp and added a sentiment to it in Silhouette Designer Edition. I printed it on Copic  paper and started coloring.

day23bI didn’t get that far but will make sure to finish coloring it tomorrow and make another card.

day23cOk, I’m yawning. I’m going to bed. I’ll be back tomorrow.

Good night.


30 Day Coloring Challenge #4: Day 21 & 22


Hello Everyone! Yesterday was so nice. The weather for here was so sunny and warm for this time of year. I did finish coloring the image from day 21 and made a card yesterday. But I had to run the boys to the orthodontist and then take Apollo for his book club and never managed to write my post for yesterday. So I combining yesterday with today’s post.

day21aSo I almost cried when my Copic spit up on my paper. Sometimes if the markers are overfilled or from shipping they might needing to be decompressed (take both caps off for a second), they will all of the sudden push out a large amount of ink.  Well while I was coloring her tights, my marker put out a bunch of ink. Let’s say that it is great to know that I was the only one in my craft room because I didn’t say nice things. To add to the pain, I couldn’t find more copic paper to reprint the image to start over. So I decided to make a teaching moment of it – what to do with mistakes.

day21bSo I added stickers and I can honestly say if it happened up higher near her head, I wouldn’t mind but I did not like the cover-up on the chair. But I pushed on and mounted it on some coordinating cardstock and mounted that on some embossed cardstock in hopes to distract the eye from the hearts. I also said I would reveal the quote I chose for the inside of the card and here it is:

day21cNow for today, I chose another Mayzy Art image. Isn’t she cute with her little cupcake?

day22aI started with her skin and hair but I have to admit, I knew I wanted her skirt to be a jean skirt before I even started coloring. I love when I know the colors I want to use right away. Love it!

day22bI haven’t finished her but will get back to her tomorrow and make a card for her.

Happy coloring and have a great weekend!


30 Day Coloring Challenge #4: Day 20 Quick coloring of a princess

logoHello everybody! It’s Wednesday and I don’t know about you but it’s a dreary, cold, rainy day over here. I would love to curl under my favorite blanket with tea and a book but work calls me. I’m on cup number 2 of some delicious lemon green tea (shh..don’t tell my dentist) and the day isn’t even half over. Oh boy!

So I have a big list of things to do for work today so my coloring session was shorter than I had hoped. I printed up the cutest digi from Faery Ink. I discovered her amazing art on Instagram and have been a great fan since. Her stamps are so cute and really fun to color. So you will be seeing more here on my site as I begin to play with them more. For today’s image, I selected Princess of Hearts Fable and began coloring her.

day20aFirst thing I did was bring her cuteness into Silhouette and then started brainstorming the message I wanted her to convey on a card. Then I searched my quotes collection and then I designed the cover with the words Be you.  If you come back tomorrow, I will share the very beautiful sentiment I used for the inside of the card once I complete coloring.

day20bAs usual I started coloring the skin and hair first. I didn’t intend on having the highlights but then decided to leave them. Some days I can pick colors quickly and then other days, I struggle. Today was the later and I finally decided to color the chair cushions with the other color I was thinking about.

day20cIt was kind of regal so I thought that shade of blue worked. But then I am stumped on the hearts, her tights and shoes so I will pause here and return to it tomorrow with a fresh perspective to complete this card.

Happy coloring everyone!


30 Day Coloring Challenge #4: Day 19 – A little something

logoHello everyone! It’s day 19 of the coloring challenge. I had every intention of coloring and posting yesterday but it was really busy with the return of school routines, errands and then I just felt wiped out so I took time off.  But this morning I completed the card from Sunday.

day19aI pulled out an embossing folder of a tree that I thought would work nicely with this image. As usual, I took the time to make extra so I can make more cards later.

day19bI made sure to cut it slightly smaller than the card base and attached it. Again, I am loving the monochromatic look of white on white.


I decided not to use dimensional adhesive to attach her to the card and let her rest on top of the tree. I really love feeling this one it’s so lovely the way it hugs the corner of the card.

day19dThe final card is so sweet and simple. I haven’t put a sentiment inside but would love any suggestions. I was thinking since the sign says ‘one way’ that I could include the words ‘to my heart’ inside for a sweet nothing card. “What do you think I should write in the inside?

Happy coloring! See you tomorrow.



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