Project life: Week ten

week10eHello Everyone and welcome to week ten of my Project Life Album. I typically use 4×6 cards as the weekly title card but this week, I had many photos and the 3×4 card was the perfect option. I circled the week and added letter stickers to spell out Week 10.

week10aThis was a fun week. I included mostly photos from the weekend since that is when I took the most photos. I also didn’t stress about placing the photos exactly in the order they happened.

week10bI was listening to a podcast the week before this one and the topic was about preserving memories in multiple formats. I always take pictures but I am guilty of not using the video camera on my iPhone to capture picture and sound. I know that I cherish all audio I have of my mother’s voice and wish I had even more.  So I decided to start incorporating some video in my memory keeping practices.

My brother-in-law came into town for a surprise visit with my mother-in-law so I took the opportunity to capture a little bit of video to hear the discussion especially with the boys. It’s funny, I always force Leao and his family to pose for group photos and they always comply knowing I like pictures. A cousin even dropped by and I dragged him into the photos too. I loved listening Apollo talking to his uncle about his new iPad mini. Apollo was so serious and wanted to provide all the details.

week10cNicholas rarely poses for photos so when I saw him willing to pose with his Vovo, I snapped away. I also had to include the cutest photo of the boys at their annual physical. They do it together ( I know these days are limited) and they looked so cute in their hospital gowns. No shots…yeah!!

I went on a nail detox for myself. No nail polish for several months so I took a photo of my first day back to color play on my nails.  I often won’t wear it, if I am working on projects for Belinda’s Crafts because there is nothing worse than coloring and preparing a product only to smudge your nail polish on them the last 5 minutes of work.  Not fun. I usually scream and toss the project aside to hopefully salvage at least for my personal use.

I participated in 30-day coloring challenge and I included a photo of me “coloring on”. I love that challenge. Out of the 30 days I believe I did about 17 days which I wish was more but glad I did it and would like to continue on my own.

I also ordered Zumba and I included a picture of me watching the videos for the first time to get acquainted with them before I begin using them. It’s funny because I am laying back with my feet up. Sure wish that I could burn calories watching rather than actually doing the exercises!!


I loved using the wooden embellishments from my Cocoa Daisy kit. It’s so pretty I almost didn’t use it.

Well I am off to do some work. I hope you are having a blessed Monday.

I’ll be back next week with week 11.



  1. Family time is the best! I know what you mean about photo vs. video.

    • Its so easy to video now with smartphones. I also noticed that I can still snap photos while video recording on my iPhone which is big for me.

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