Project Life Week 16: Happy week


Another great week. It’s great to look back in pictures in our life. One thing to note that I don’t think we memory keepers/family historians rarely do is that we most often capture the fun and good in our lives. The fussing and fighting and angry faces rarely make an appearance in our scrapbooks. It can leave viewers wondering why their life isn’t always so happy. So have no fear, we are not perfect and we have tough moments in our lives too. However, I treat my scrapbooks like my visual gratitude journal. I try to capture the things that give me joy. I like this process because it helps me to slow down and find good not just in the extravagant but the ordinary. So when I start off saying another great week, it was not without hiccups but overall I am forever grateful for the time.


Now, onto week 16, I liked this title card because I simply had to add the numbers and the word April to make it work.  I used this cute wooden embellishment for the photo I took of the lake I walk. I love how you can still see the lake through the letters in it. Very cool.

The weather finally warmed enough for me to start taking the boys to the playground again. So Apollo took the opportunity to play on this spinning wheel. I don’t know what they call it. Do you? I always think back to my hamster Hamilton I had growing up and watching him run in his wheel.  I also captured them sitting on the deck steps soaking in a little sun.

Nicholas loves his comics and one day he lined up Apollo’s stuffed animals and put the corresponding hats on them and lined them up on the couch to look like Huey, Dewey and Louie! Of course I also captured my dinner at the Yardhouse. A new favorite dinner for me.


My insert this week was a print out from a blog post talking about my evolution of my e-readers. I figured, why reinvent the wheel when I don’t have to?  I attached the packaging for my newest tablet/e-reader – Kindle HD Tablet to the back of this insert. It will be fun to look back 5 years from now at what was the “cool” technology we had.


I included pictures from my day-long crop with my crafty gal pals. It’s always so much fun. I can’t go back until the fall because from this point forward, my weekends are dedicated to family. But when I go, I love the talk, the crafting and the food we all bring – yummy!


This time around my first book I downloaded on my Kindle is a book about cooking. Not really a cookbook but a book about how our habits around food and cooking have changed over the past 50 years. I find it fascinating and it is helping me to redefine my own habits. I included a picture from my Zumba video. I have been doing pretty good incorporating it into my workouts.

week16eRarely does Nicholas smile for my pictures so I was all over this one and processed it in black and white.  We visit my in-laws most Sundays and on this week, I had music playing and it was so great to see Vovo and Nicholas dance and then Apollo danced with her too. It’s a great memory for us all. They are blessed to have able-bodied grandparents that can play and dance with them. I never take that for granted. Especially since both of my parents have passed on, I try to ensure our boys spend lots of time with Leao’s parents.

Great week. I’ll see you next week with Week 17.

Have a blessed day!


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