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Reading Habits

Hey you! I hope you have a book in your bag, on your lap, in you car, or next to your bed. Today, I am taking a look at my reading habits. Back in May, I had this wonderful, well-intentioned idea to create a summer TBR list. I see all of the booktubers doing it and I wanted in. So I had fun walking around my bookshelves and selecting books. My criteria for selecting a book was to select books that would be fun to read in the summer and that have been on my TBR for a long time. Since I am always adding to the list and own a lot of books, this seemed to be a brilliant plan. I even stacked them next to my chair in my reading nook so that I could see them and my progress as I completed them.

Fast forward, August 3 and I have only read 1 1/2 books from this Summer TBR. AAHHH!!! What? Yes. No need to re-read my last statement, I only read 1 1/2 of the books. It’s like once I add them to a scheduled TBR, I don’t read them. The books on this list, my friend, are amazing. I won’t go into details about them for I will be reviewing them when I do actually read them. The one I read and the one I almost finished are not included in the photo.

My point is this, sometimes, it isn’t necessary to add so much structure especially on such a leisure activity and during summer, when we tend to be hopping around like crazy.  This is not to say I didn’t read, I read plenty. I can’t promise I won’t create TBRs because let’s face it, I love me some lists!  I list everything. It would be like cutting off my arm if I said I won’t do it again. But I will say that I will add less and keep room for more spontaneity. Lesson learned.

Currently reading

It is not that I haven’t been reading like the crazy book lover I am but that I have been reading whatever fancies me. So stay tuned for some more reviews. Sometimes I see something on Booktube and I go pick it up at the library or download it from Overdrive to my Kindle.

On to what I am currently reading:

Lab Girl by Hope Jahren – I will definitely review this book here once I complete it because it is lovely. I don’t usually drag good books out long as I have this one but I feel like it is so wonderful to experience during my summer months. So come back soon for a review on this one. (This is actually one from my Summer TBR.)

Crispus Attucks: Black Leader of Colonial Patriots by Dharathula H. Millender – This is one of Apollo’s summer reading books so we are reading it together. I know who Crispus Attucks is but definitely learning more right along with Apollo.

Fables Volume 3: Storybook Love by Bill Willingham – This graphic novel series is great. When I just need a break from the heavy I find this series fits the bill.

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce – I just started this book yesterday. It is a bookclub selection and so far it is a fun read. Book review will go up as soon as I complete it.

I hope you all are having some fun this summer and with your book selection.

I will be back soon with some reviews.

Happy reading!


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