Happy Monday!!! The Pats Won and Other Happenings

meinstudioGood morning everyone! Happy Monday! That’s me today and do you see that fan in the background? Well it is muggy today and I refuse to use my air conditioner on September 19th. Ironically Leao and I talked about removing the window units last week. Then today happened. I am hoping the rain will cool it off. Either way, it’s me and my fan today.

I had a great weekend. Can I first recap with a football update? Well yesterday’s game had me on the edge of my seat the whole second half. Why you ask? Because our backup quarterback (Jimmy Garoppolo) was in the zone. I mean, he was delivering the mail baby! We reached a 21 nothing lead and then what happens? A three hundred pound player landed on his shoulder and that was all she wrote. So he had to get pulled out of the game and our backup’s backup (Jacoby Brissett) came in the game. Now, in pre-season I saw him play and he was solid but there’s nothing like an unexpected entry to a game in the real season. So he didn’t have his most stellar performance but we still managed to make a win of it. However, it was one of those, where you are biting your nails down to the last minute.  Thankfully the football gods answered my prayers and we won. So although I was so devastated that Garoppolo was hurt during his time to shine, I am glad we still managed to pull off a win.artfestivalOn Saturday, Leao and I took the boys to Revere’s Art Festival. It took place across from Revere Beach. So it was fun to walk along the water on our way to the event. I love seeing artists display their crafts. One day, I would like to organize my art to sell at a craft fair but it requires a lot more effort than I would like to put forth at this time.artfestiva2The weather was fantastic and I got into a lengthy chat with an artist who also uses alcohol inks to create her art. Can you find my in the picture?  I bought this piece from that same artist and I am trying to find the right place in my craft room to place it. For now, it is on my desk.artfindsAfter the festival we headed on over to a favorite, Kelly’s, for some naughty fried food. I decided shrimp and fries would fit my appetite. kellysThe first time I went to Kelly’s was at this location with my friend Natana, way back during the college years. They have since opened a few more locations. One of which is in Saugus  but I rarely go because I try to limit the fried goodies in my life.  Which makes each occasion truly yummy.kellys2This weekend, I completed a book and started a much anticipated sequel by Tahir Sabaa. I will be sure to write up some reviews for the Nook soon.

Hope you are having a Happy Monday!



  1. Hi Belinda! What a great weekend! I love going to festivals and visiting other artist/crafter booths. That painting is beautiful! All the colors. And as I am getting ready to eat some cereal I see shrimp & fries. Hmmm…I think I need to cook instead, lol! Thank you for sharing your fun and glad your team won! Hugs, Rasz

    • Hey girlfriend! I’m so glad you stopped by. I was thinking of you when I went to that festival. You could have sold your beauties there!
      Sometimes cereal can hit the spot but those fried shrimp made me do my happy dance!
      Thanks for checking in on me.

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