Happy Monday…Nope, I missed it!!


Hey you! How are you? Well I might have to start a Happy Tuesday posts since I keep missing Monday!


First let me just tell you right now that I am drinking a new tea today and it is from a company called Tea Guys. The flavor that I’m drinking is called peppermint chocolate vanilla. It is a rooibos tea blend and it’s delicious. I tend to drink a lot of caffeinated tea because I drink chai and green tea. I don’t like artificial flavors so I often avoid the caffeine free. I tend to be a bit of a tea snob and have been known to ask for hot water in restaurants so I can use the tea I bring with me. But during the cleanse I picked up and found a bunch of really nice caffeine free teas. So as I write this post I keep sniffing and sipping on this yummy tea. If you see it try it. the aroma alone will knock your socks off.nov28aI’ve been busy with little projects here and there and trying to wrap up some things so I didn’t get to sit down yesterday to write. But let’s celebrate the New England Patriot’s winning the game yesterday. It was a real nail biter all the way down to the last minute I pretty much paced the floor and yelled at the TV for the last 30 minutes of the game.nov28fThanksgiving was wonderful and we spent it with my in-laws. My mother-in-law is one of the most amazing cooks that I know in both taste and presentation. As you know I had just come off of my cleanse so I was able to enjoy the meal fully. Even though I did indulge in a few glasses of wine and some pie I still approached it very mindfully and think that this time around a lot of my habits that I took from the cleanse will stick.nov28c Of course we stayed over my in-laws for several days and played games and talked each night. Some of the games that we like to play is Skipbo which is a card game and we also like to play a dice game called Greed. Apollo introduced us all to Bananagrams. Which is a fantastic word game with letter tiles similar to Scrabble. I love Scrabble and word games in general so this was great. We also brought some DVDs and watch the classic Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. But the most important thing is that we were all together and I don’t take this time for granted.nov28dWe also played Old Maid and guess who was the Old Maid?  Me!!!! Why do I always lose that game?


Hope you have a blessed week!



  1. I always enjoy your food pictures!

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