Happy Monday: Big Snowstorm on the Way!

Hello and happy Monday! Despite the pending snowstorm, spring is already blooming in my home. My girlfriend Ashley gave me this sign and I had to put it in my craft room because it’s definitely true. I do talk to my plants and this morning one bud had opened so I snapped a photo of it while telling it how beautiful she is. My only problem with these plants is their roots always come out of the containers. I am not sure what to do with them so I let them roam wild. But if any of you know if I should trim them back after the blooming season, let me know.

So yes, a storm is coming. It will arrive tomorrow around noon and we are also on a blizzard watch. Now, I know we have crazy weather but two weeks ago it was in the 60s. Now it’s barely 20 degrees!  I am pretty sure the boys will be having a snow day. We like snow days even though we have to make up days if we reach our limit.  I will snap photos tomorrow and share photos of our totals in snowfall. I am currently reading some great books for Women’s History Month so I will put aside time for that.

I had a great week last week and I started a new craft project that I will share as soon as it’s complete. I will give you a sneak peek below:

Yes, it has butterflies in it. My favorite!! I hope you all had a nice weekend and I will check in later this week.

Have a blessed day!


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